Wireless Lodge Watch for 1-Door Line Voltage for Mini Splits

The LW-LV Lodge Watch is designed to prevent a mini-split compressor from running
when doors or windows are left open. The system is ideally suited for vacation rentals
and uses wireless transmitters to monitor doors and windows. When a transmitter
detects an open door or window it sends a signal to a receiver module. If a door or
window is left open for more than two minutes, the receiving module cuts main power to
the mini-split outdoor unit until it detects a closure of the window or door. Turnkey kits
are available with 1 to 4 pre-addressed transmitters.
Features and Benefits:
- Locks out mini-split outdoor unit when transmitters detect an open door or
- Restores power to mini-split outdoor unit when transmitters detect doors and
windows are closed
- Greatly reduces wasted energy in vacation rentals
- Contributes to extends equipment life
- 5-year warranty


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