Wireless Relay - Extended Range

The Wireless Relay with Extended Range is the perfect solution when you cannot run wire or existing wires have been cut or damaged. It communicates wirelessly up to ½ mile line of sight between the two devices. The Wireless Relay contains (2) two-channel transceivers. The modules have 2 transmitting channels and 2 receiving channels. Each transceiver is equipped with LEDs that are used to indicate the operation state. Additionally, the transceivers have momentary pushbuttons which are used to “pair” two units together, or force a data transaction. Each transceiver has a built-in inactivity circuit to detect loss of communication.

The iO-WR-XR and iO-WR have multiple technical differences.  The iO-WR-XR is not a suitable replacement for the iO-WR in all applications.

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Baud Rate: N/A

Coil Current: N/A

Coil Draw: N/A

Coil Voltage: N/A

Coil Voltage Input: N/A

Color: N/A

Connections: N/A

Contact Rating: 10 Amps per channel

Current Rating: N/A

Delay Period: N/A

Delay Range : N/A

Dimensions: N/A

Display: N/A

Electrical Connection: N/A

Electrical Ratings: N/A

Expected Relay Life: N/A

Frequency: N/A

Gold Flash: N/A

Horsepower: N/A

Humidity Range: N/A

Initiate Timer: N/A

Input Voltage: N/A

Maximum Load: N/A

Maximum Switching Power: N/A

Modes of Operation: N/A

Mounting Bracket Type: N/A

Number of Relays & Contact Type: N/A

Operate Time: N/A

Operating Temperature: N/A

Output: N/A

Override Switch: N/A

Pilot Duty Rating: N/A

Polarity: N/A

Power Input: N/A

Power Input Ratings: N/A

Priority Zone Control: N/A

Range: _ mile through obstructions

Relay Status: N/A

Relay Type: N/A

Resistance: N/A

Sensor Range: N/A

Temperature Ratings: N/A

Terminations: N/A

Time Delays: N/A

Trades Elite Exclusive: Y

Voltage: N/A

Wires: N/A

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