The ZPA-SPS differential pressure switch housing unit contains a diaphragm, a snap-acting SPDT switch, and a range adjustment knob with increments. The sample connections located on the side accept 6.35mm (0.25”) OD tubing. There are various optional pressure ranges, and 2 pickup tubes and 2 m (6.56’) of PVC tubing available. The enclosure cover guards against accidental contact with the live switch terminal screws and the setpoint adjustment knob with indication. Adjustable pressure range is .08"-1.2"WC.

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# Stages: N/A

Adjustable Limits: N/A

Auto Changeover: N/A

Color: N/A

Compatible Sensor: N/A

Construction: N/A

Conventional Stages: N/A

Dimensions: 4 in _ 6 in_ 8 in

Fan Mode: N/A

Heat Pump Stages: N/A

Hertz: N/A

Input Voltage: N/A

LED Functions: N/A

Mounting Bracket Type: N/A

Operating Humidity Range: N/A

Operating Temperature: N/A

Power per Zone 1: N/A

Power per Zone 2: N/A

Purge Cycle: N/A

RedLink Specifications: N/A

Time Delays: N/A

Trades Elite Exclusive: Y

Warranty: 5

Wiring: N/A

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