iO 2-Zone Single Stage Zone Control Panel

The ZP2-HC is a residential / light commercial zone control system that allows a single HVAC unit to have up to two separate zones. Each zone is controlled by its own space thermostat and motorized zone damper. If a zone thermostat calls for heating or cooling, the zone not calling will have its damper powered closed, and the zone calling will have its damper opened. The heating or cooling equipment will also be brought on at the same time. When the zone calling is satisfied, the heating or cooling equipment turns off. If one zone calls for heating and another zone calls for cooling, the first zone to call receives priority. In the event of a tie, cooling will receive priority. When the first call is satisfied, the system will changeover and take care of the opposite call. If a zone being served (heating or cooling) has not been satisfied within 20 minutes and an opposite call takes place, the system will changeover. When the zone is satisfied or 20 minutes has gone by, the system will again changeover if an opposite call exists. This is referred to as Auto Changeover - First Call Priority - Time Share.
  • Auto changeover
  • First call priority with time share
  • Electronic discharge air sensor (sold separately)
  • LED status indication
  • Independent fan control by zone
  • Short cycle protection
  • Works with 2 or 3 wire zone dampers
  • Purge cycle option (ZP3 panels only)

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# Stages: N/A

Adjustable Limits: N/A

Auto Changeover: N/A

Color: N/A

Compatible Sensor: N/A

Construction: N/A

Conventional Stages: N/A

Dimensions: N/A

Fan Mode: N/A

Heat Pump Stages: N/A

Hertz: N/A

Input Voltage: N/A

LED Functions: N/A

Mounting Bracket Type: N/A

Operating Humidity Range: N/A

Operating Temperature: N/A

Power per Zone 1: N/A

Power per Zone 2: N/A

Purge Cycle: N/A

RedLink Specifications: N/A

Time Delays: 20 minute time share, 3 minutes off between cooling calls, 3 minutes off on low limit

Warranty: N/A

Wiring: N/A

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