Fresh Air Ventilation Kit includes Titan Thermostat (UT32), 6" 24V Outside Air Damper, and 20VA Transformer

The UT32-VK-06 Ventilation Kit is a low cost combination of our Titan thermostat and supply air ventilation control designed to meet code requirements in both single and multifamily new construction applications. This highly universal control which allows for a fresh air damper to be wired to the thermostat eliminates the need for an additional control panel.

Meets ASHRAE 62.2 standards


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Adjustable Timer: 1 - 60 minutes

Coverage: 1500 - 4000 ft²

Damper Requirement: 10VA, 24VAC, Powered Open, Spring Return Closed Actuator

Dimensions: N/A

Inlet: N/A

Outlet: N/A

Ventilation CFM Range: 40 - 150 CFM

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