Fresh Air Ventilation Kit includes Titan Thermostat (UT32), 10" 24V Outside Air Damper, and 20VA Transformer

The UT32-VK-10 Ventilation Kit includes a Titan Thermostat (UT32), 10" 24V Powered Open / Spring Closed Damper, and 20VA Transformer. The thermostat incorporates a fresh air ventilaiton feature that can be programmed to provide Timed Ventilation. Timed Ventilation is used to bring outside air into the home at a controlled CFM rate based on ASHRAE 62.2 -  2013 Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality Standard. 

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Adjustable Timer: N/A

Coverage: N/A

Damper Requirement: N/A

Dimensions: N/A

Inlet: N/A

Outlet: N/A

Ventilation CFM Range: N/A

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