iO Conceal-A-Stat

Flush Mounted, Tamper-Proof, Thermostat

The Conceal-A-Stat is designed for use in areas where you want to maintain a specific temperature without the risk of a wall mounted thermostat being tampered with, damaged or stolen.  This concealed thermostat is designed to control unit heaters, cabinet heaters, in-wall heaters, fan coils or air conditioning units. Common applications include hospitals, locker rooms, entryways, warehouses and hallways.

Warranty - 1 year

iO-CS41WP - 41 Degree Heating Thermostat

iO-CS55WP - 55 Degree Heating Thermostat

iO-CS60WP - 60 Degree Heating Thermostat

iO-CS65WP - 65 Degree Heating Thermostat

iO-CS70WP - 70 Degree Heating Thermostat

iO-CSAC70WP - 70 Degree Cooling Thermostat

iO-CSAC75WP - 75 Degree Cooling Thermostat

For line voltage applications a relay kit is available in 120 Volt and 240 Volt. (See accessories category.)

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