ESP-400 Static Pressure Control Module

ESP-400 Static Pressure Control Module with Static Pressure Sensor

The ESP-400 is designed to work with any forced air zone control system capable of using ESP conventional 24 Volt, 3-wire, floating point, motorized zone dampers. The module will handle up to four zones. The same transformer used to power the zone control panel is also used to provide power to the ESP-400. The module uses a static pressure sensor that is installed in the main discharge air plenum of the system.

As zone dampers open and close, the ZPA-SPS Static Pressure Sensor continuously monitors ESP PS the system static pressure. If the static pressure goes above the static pressure setpoint, the panel will send a signal to all non-calling zone dampers to start to open to a point where the static pressure setpoint is not exceeded. The small amount of air allowed to bleed into non-calling zones eliminates air noise and assures proper airflow through the system. This also prevents coil freeze up and HVAC high temperature issues. When all calls are satisfied, all zone dampers will go to the full open position. 

Used with MD-XX round and MD-XXXX rectangular zone dampers only.

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# Stages: N/A

Adjustable Limits: N/A

Auto Changeover: N/A

Color: N/A

Compatible Sensor: N/A

Construction: Aluminum back plate with mounting holes

Conventional Stages: N/A

Dimensions: N/A

Fan Mode: N/A

Heat Pump Stages: N/A

Hertz: N/A

Input Voltage: N/A

LED Functions: N/A

Mounting Bracket Type: Snap track with 2 back plate screws

Operating Humidity Range: N/A

Operating Temperature: -40° to 150° F

Power per Zone 1: N/A

Power per Zone 2: N/A

Purge Cycle: N/A

RedLink Specifications: N/A

Time Delays: N/A

Warranty: N/A

Wiring: N/A

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