6" Makeup Air Damper Kit

iO HVAC Controls Makeup Air Damper Kit with 6" PO/SC Damper, Pressure Switch, and 20VA Transformer.  Pressure Switch Range .08" - 1.20" WC.

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Adjustable Timer: N/A

Coverage: N/A

Damper Construction: 20 gauge steel blade, 24 gauge galvanized steel shell, 5/16" aluminum shaft, Air tight blade seals., Nylon Bushings

Damper Requirement: N/A

Damper Size: 12 in long, 6 in diameter

Dimensions: N/A

Mount: N/A

Operating Temperature: -40°F to 190°F

Pressure Connection: N/A

Pressure Range: .08 in to 1.20 in W.C. MAX Pressure: 40 in W.C.

Pressure Sensor Probe: N/A

Pressure Switching Current: N/A

Trades Elite Exclusive: N

Transformer Input: N/A

Transformer Output: N/A

Transformer VA Rating: N/A

Ventilation CFM Range: N/A

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