4 Zone ESP Panel with Ventilation Control

The ZP4-ESP-FAV is a 4 zone panel that integrates our award winning ESP technology to completely eliminate the need to install a bypass damper and pairs it with a timed & demand ventilation control. This 3H/2C zone panel comes with a static pressure sensor. The system works like any standard zone control system with one exception; a static pressure sensor continuously monitors the system static pressure. If the static pressure goes above setpoint, the ESP panel will power the selected non-calling zone dampers open just enough to relieve the excess pressure. Tests indicate that bleeding a small amount of conditioned air for a short time into non-calling zones has little to no impact on the zone temperature.
The ZP4-ESP-FAV also includes the capability of controlling fresh air ventilation in the HVAC system, as well. The fresh air damper output can be controlled by zone panel’s internal timer, via demand from an external device like the CO2-TH or both. When the ZPA-OTS is installed, high and low outdoor temperature lockouts can prevent fresh air ventilation from taking place.

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