2-Zone Single Stage Zone Control Panel with ESP

The Zone ESP is a combined panel including the ZP2-HC panel and the ESP-400 panel. This system represents the most contractor-friendly solution today for eliminating bypass. The ZP2-HC-ESP model is a single-stage heat/cool panel designed to control 2 zones in residential and light commercial applications. This zone control system comes with built in ESP static pressure control module which eliminates the need for a bypass damper when used with the standard 3-wire MD series dampers.

The system works like any standard zone control system with one exception. As zone dampers open and close, the ESP-400 module continuously monitors the system static pressure and if required, sends a signal to zone dampers that are in the closed position to open to a point where the proper static pressure level is maintained. The small amount of air that is allowed to bleed into non-calling zones eliminates air noise and assures proper airflow through the HVAC system preventing coil freeze-up.

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