120V Primary 24V Secondary 40VA Transformer, Plate Mounted

The TR-40 is a 40VA plate-mount transformer. 

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Color: N/A

Construction: Split-Bobbin

Dimensions: 2.728 in x 2.171 in x 2.890 in (w/ .500 in NPT Hub)

Electrical Connection: N/A

Electrical Ratings: N/A

Electrical Ratings, Output: N/A

Frequency: 50 Hz / 60 Hz

Hertz: N/A

Mount: Foot & Single Threaded Hub TRMP44K0 Mounting Plate Provided

Operating Temperature: -30 to 140° F

Over Current Protection: Thermal Fuse (Fuse not field replaceable)

Temperature Range: N/A

VA Rating: 40 VA

Voltage (Primary): N/A

Voltage (Secondary): N/A

Wire Length: 8 in Typical w/ .5 in Strip

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